Taking criticism as a writer or as a member of any profession

Has your work ever been criticised in such a way that it ultimately damages your motivation to create? Taking criticism as a writer or as a member of any profession is a powerful tool in a writers arsenal. Nothing says pro like being able to stand up to those critics and release piece after piece of work. Most importantly when you are just starting out as a writer you must be able to handle a lot of criticism as this is what you will get. A lot of writers give up long before they get anywhere because of this.

I have been known to take criticism personally which is probably the worst way, especially if you are a writer as I am aspiring to be. It leads me to work in seclusion so that I don’t hear anything negative, which means I also miss positive comments as well. But even the negative comments can be useful as they can be looked at in a constructive manner.

It is important that you get someone you trust to be truthful with your writing from the very beginning as it will help you and encourage you to write better and think better. The more you make yourself open to criticism the stronger you will become as a writer and a person. Writing isn’t just creating stories, the written word is the core focus of anything and the more concisely you can explain something, the easier it is for people to understand you. This is why, whatever profession you belong to, whether it is mainly writing or not, taking criticism is one of the most important lessons you can learn if you aspire to get anywhere.

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Jason Edwards