You are doing that too much. try again in X minutes.

I try to be an active member on any community I’m a member of. This includes StackOverFlow/Reddit/HackerNews etc. I do this by posting links related to topics I’m passionate about, or commenting on threads that interest me. The thing that really annoys me with Reddit is when this happens:

7 Minutes Reddit message

Message received when trying to post a comment to Reddit

Here I was replying to a comment on a thread containing a link to a post on this site. I’m not saying the comment was time sensitive or anything but because I had just commented on a different link I was left with a message telling me “you are doing that too much. try again in 7 minutes”. How am I supposed to be an active member if I can only post to threads once in a 7 minute period? What if I see several things that interest me within that time that I’d like to share my thoughts on?

Jason Edwards