What is your biggest fear

Sit back for 10 seconds and think about this question: What is your biggest fear? You may be surprised at what you find. I have more than one and you probably will as well. This came up today when I was sitting at work mulling over work I had to do and thinking about my lack of motivation as of late and how I’m started to feel as if I’ve become complacent.

I started thinking that maybe I’m worrying about something and that is what is affecting my ability to work. I then realised that not only am I worrying about things I’m in fear of stuff that just wouldn’t have even bothered me a few years ago. I sat there and thought I would write down on paper the things I think I fear the most:

  • Lack of money and not being able to support my family.
  • Security for myself and my family.
  • Falling behind intellectually i.e. not being able to keep up with the tech world.
  • Lacking the motivation to achieve.
  • Dying.

Once I had listed the things I feared, I then set about trying to come up with solutions for them. For instance, I can’t avoid the dying part so I must fill my life with enough interest that it isn’t a worry any more. I think my fear of dying is directly linked to my lack of achievement i.e. because I haven’t achieved much in my life I fear that I will die without making a mark. I can’t immediately tackle the money situation unless I improve my skills to the level where I can feel confident enough to apply for higher paid  jobs. Money in turn will address my security fear. Therefore I decided that the best thing I can do is look at what skills I need to develop in order to boost my confidence enough to make a change to my life.

I decided that I wanted to work on my programming and writing skills. I then set off to look at some of my unfinished projects and decided to start listening to Hans Zimmer music and get cracking on a project I’d been avoiding for a while.

This shift in thought gave me the motivation I needed to start working on projects and improving my skills. I suppose even if you fear you lack the skills to do something, merely putting effort into creating a solution  is enough to win through.

I really do encourage anyone to try this, I’d be interested to hear the outcome in the comments.

Jason Edwards