Use your inbox to generate ideas for blog posts

Do you keep a blog? Have you ever been stuck for ideas for new blog posts? Today I will attempt to alleviate your dilemma by describing a technique which may help you come up with ideas for blog posts. The technique is to use your inbox to generate ideas for blog posts.

Why do this?

If you’re like me and work in IT or any technical profession you may find that people email you on a nearly daily basis asking you the same or similar questions. It can be frustrating to reply to each email saying the same thing. Many people I have met have built up a document containing these “canned” responses which they copy and paste into a reply to these emails. But there is another way.

The solution

So the reason to do this is simple. Rather than provide canned responses to each email, you could create a blog post explaining the solution in more detail. If the topic being discussed is generating enough emails to warrant you to continually explain it then I would be confident that at least the same amount of people are searching for it online. If you have prepared those “canned” responses previously then you have a starting point for your blog article. If you expand on them you have an easy blog post which has a high signal to noise ratio almost out of the box. Overall this is an easy way to provide quality content to your blog and increase your visitors.

Putting it into practice

Go and look at your inbox right now. Chances are if your’s is like mine you probably have a plethora of potential blog posts. Include the subject line of your emails as this could become the title of the blog post once you’ve optimised it for SEO. Mine is mostly exhausted now in terms of prior emails because I went through and converted those I could into blog posts. But as new ones come in I earmark them for future blog posts. Go and make a list now.

Advantages to this approach

I can think of several advantages to this approach. Firstly you are addresses a real need within your company and externally for solutions to these problems. Secondly you are inadvertently writing quality documentation for these issues which is very useful. Thirdly you are creating easy content which is powerful for drawing a bigger audience to your blog.


Now go and

use your inbox to generate ideas for blog posts. If you have any comments about this technique including criticisms or ideas for improving it, let me know in the comments below.

Jason Edwards