My plans for 2017

I know I’ve not written a blog post for a while. Mainly due to how busy I’ve been. But I thought I’d share my plans for 2017 after the initial excitement of New Year resolutions has died down.
Over the course of this year I’d like to achieve several things:

  1. Pass my AWS SysOps Associate exam which I have booked for the 24th March.
  2. Pass the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) exam, which I have not booked yet.
  3. Improve my knowledge of the following technologies:
    1. Docker.
    2. Jenkins.
    3. Even deeper knowledge of AWS.
  4.  I’d also like to do more programming. I have some interesting projects in the pipeline at work which will see me doing a lot more programming then I did last year. This will be done primarily in Python. With some BASH thrown in for good measure.
  5. Spend more time with my family. Sometimes in the pursuit of forwarding my career I forget that there is more to life then just work and learning about all things tech. This year I am going to try and spend more time with my family.
  6. Do more walking. I started this off mid January by going up Rivington Pike with my wife, my son and my little brother. Then in the second to last week of January this year; me, my wife and son went up Skiddaw, ticking off Little Man and Lesser Man on the descent. I’d like to do more walking this year than last. In the second half of last year me and my son conquered the following hills/mountains:
    1. Mam Tor and the Great Ridge up to Lose Hill.
    2. Pendle Hill.
    3. Rivington Pike and Winter Hill.
    4. Mount Snowdon ascended via the Pyg and descended via the Miners Track.
  7. I also want to lose weight and get fit. Since I got married in June 2014 I have put on around 5 stone and counting. With the walking above I’d also like to be more active to achieve my ultimate goal of losing weight and getting fit again. It’s alright being lazy but now I’m getting to the point of being uncomfortable.

I plan to achieve all the above and more this year. As I tick off each item I will try to write a blog post about each charting my progress. I will then link back to here so that anyone coming to this post in the future (including myself) can see if I achieved what I set out to.

Whatever your targets for this year, I hope you achieve them and enjoy life to the maximum.

Jason Edwards