My NaNoWriMo Experience

Welcome to post 8 of my 100 day challenge. Checkout my introduction for some background.

In November 2013 I took part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and won. The following post is my thoughts on taking part and more specifically my NaNoWriMo experience during the month of November. I can’t say I enjoyed my experience too much, especially towards the end, but that wasn’t any fault of NaNoWriMo it was because of me and my epic amount of procrastination. But I definitely look back fondly at the experience. The main problem here is that I have a day job, a wife and son and other out of work activities such as running, cycling and football. It’s had also been a busy month for family activities such as birthdays.

I had an idea for a book at some point in 2012. After reading a post about something called an Alcubierre Drive on the BBC website. A science fiction story set not far in the future began to form in my mind and I jotted down a few notes into a text file which quickly became a synopsis. But it never came to fruition. It was one of those things that I always thought I would sit down and write but I never did. In fact I took every excuse possible to avoid writing it. Probably some kind insecurity that I wouldn’t do the story justice.

But NaNoWriMo came around and I thought OK better now than never who better to write my story then me and I began writing. It started off pretty well I was hitting the daily word count for the first week, then it all went south until the last day when I was roughly 28 thousand words behind and I almost gave up.

I wrote 28 thousand words that day and finished my book with time to spare. I printed it out not long after and it sat in a drawer for over a year until I threw it away not long ago. I haven’t looked at it since other then to check that it was still there, I haven’t edited it or re-read it I can’t bring myself. When I was writing it I thought it was great but I reckon I’ll read it and it’ll be a steaming pile of crap. But I’m proud I did it. I believe everyone has a novel in them but it takes a special kind of motivated to coax it out.

I began writing this post not long after I completed NaNoWriMo but I struggled to find the motivation to put my thoughts into words. For some reason the act of challenging myself to write these 100 posts over 100 days has reignited my interest in writing and I seem to just be able to sit down and write. Lets hope it continues.

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Jason Edwards