Install Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3

Below are my notes to install Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 which I completed successfully this morning.

  1. Uninstall any antivirus client installed and reboot the server.
  2. Set the Powershell script execution level to unrestricted.
  3. Create a Snapshot/backup of the server.
  4. If installing SP3 in a datacentre environment download and install hotfix KB2550886.
  5. Start the upgrade.
  6. Keep an eye on the WMI service. The moment it gets disabled by the installer re-enable it and start it or the upgrade will fail.
  7. Here are the process times for each of the 14 sections in the upgrade process:
    • Preparing Setup (00:00:02).
    • Stopping Services (00:00:49).
    • Languages (00:00:00).
    • Remove Exchange Files (00:00:51).
    • Preparing Files (00:00:00).
    • Copying Exchange Files (00:01:43).
    • Language Files (00:06:18).
    • Languages (00:02:28).
    • Hub Transport Role (00:02:59).
    • Client Access Role (00:02:58).
    • Mailbox Role (00:03:20).
    • Management Tools (00:00:13).
    • Finalizing Setup (00:02:03).
  8. Wait until the installation Finishes then reboot the server.
  9. Reinstall the antivirus client.
  10. Install any windows updates which are waiting – Good time to do this as the server is down anyway.
  11. Reboot the server.
  12. Snapshot/backup the server.
  13. Uninstall previous versions of the Exchange Management Tools on machines where appropriate and reinstall them from the Exchange 2010 SP3 installer. You can follow my tutorial to Remove the Exchange Management Tools.
Restart any Blackberry servers you may have which rely on this server.

If your Exchange server is a VMWare VM and it is sitting on NetApp Storage follow these instructions:

  • Disable/Stop the SnapDrive and SnapManager Services.
  • End the SnapManager process from Task Manager.
  • After the installation has completed, check that the SnapDrive and SnapManager services have restarted; check the SnapDrive software loads the LUNs correctly.

If you are running the Trend Micro Office Scan client:

  • Uninstall Trend Micro Office Scan Client and reboot the server prior to upgrading Exchange.
  • Ensure that the TmListen Service is removed.
  • Reinstall the Trend Micro Office Scan Client once the upgrade complete

Jason Edwards

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