100 day challenge 2015 end of week 2

Welcome to post 14 of my 100 day challenge. Checkout my introduction for some background. This is my 100 day challenge 2015 end of week 2 update.

So we come to the end of week 2 of my 100 day challenge. Just 86 more posts to write and we are there, sounds really easy when you say it like that. It’s not! This second week the act of writing posts came to me a lot easier then it did in the previous week. The motivation to write was higher and the ideas for posts came to me more freely. However that’s not to say that it wasn’t hard. Writing posts is a time consuming process which takes time away from other things. In the back of my mind I worry that I will struggle to keep coming up with post ideas long before I reach the 100 post milestone. I’m trying to push through it by breaking down the 100 into weekly chunks and rounding each week off with a reflective post. The same will be done after each 25 posts are written.

I’ve written what I think are some good posts this week and possibly opened up new pathways to follow. I’ve neglected this blog since starting my new role so this is a good challenge to take part in as it will hopefully get me to post more regularly in the future. I want to start sharing all the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired in the past year. It’s been a hard slog and I want to give back so that people going down my path can get their hands on resources which I’ve spent time compiling.

As I go into my third week I have a lot to be proud of myself for. I have a resit for my LFCS exam coming up on the 30th of April so if I can revise and keep these posts up I’ll be very happy.

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Can you improve on any of the tips I’ve discussed here? If you can let me know in the comments.

Jason Edwards