Speed Up Exchange 2010 Management Console

My Exchange Management Console has always been slow, but since upgrading Exchange 2010 to SP2 it appears to be running slower. Today I decided to investigate why this was happening. After much Googling and frantic investigation I managed to discover this was because of Check for Publisher’s Certificate Revocation and Check for Server Certificate Revocation being checked in IE both on the server and on each client PC you have the Exchange Management Tools installed.

To switch this off do the following:

  • In Windows Internet Explorer –> Tools –> Internet Options –> Advanced tab
  • In the Security section, uncheck the below two options “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” & “Check for server certificate revocation”
This will stop Exchange from connecting to the Certificate Revocation List website each time you come to use it to verify the code signing certificate.
Client Revocation Settings

Client Revocation Settings in Internet Explorer

Jason Edwards