Setup EC500 Avaya Site Administration

EC500 is used to extend calls to your office number to your mobile phone. This allows you to receive work-related calls wherever you are and whenever you need to. EC500 even provides caller ID, so you know who’s calling before you answer.

To setup EC500 on your phone using the Avaya Site Administration software follow these steps:

This tutorial is written using an Avaya model 9650 desktop phone but is very similar on the standard 1608 handset.

  • Firstly load up Avaya Site Administrator and login to the GEDI interface.
  • When logged in issue the command; change off-pbx-telephone station-mapping followed by the extension number. i.e. change off-pbx-telephone station-mapping 1234 then select send (return) from the top menu to issue the changes:

Input command to configure EC500.

  • In the EC500 configuration screen the Station Extension column should be filled in with your extension number, the Application column should read EC500, Dial Prefix should be leave CC blank, input your mobile phone number minus the leading 0 into the Phone Number column, Trunk Selection should be ars and Config Set should be 10. Once this is completed you can select enter (f3) from the top menu to issue the changes:

Configure off-pbx telephone integration.

  • Once this is configured you then need to enable it for the users handset, we do this by overriding an existing button on the handset with the EC500 application; usually call-fwd. To do this issue the following command into the command input: change station then press send (return) once on the change station screen navigate to the 5th tab (4th when using 1608 handsets) and change button 9’s (7 for 1608 handsets) assignment to EC500 and issue the enter (f3) command from the top menu to issue the changes. The users should then be able to press the appropriate button on the handset to enable EC500:

Configuring EC500 to a button.

Jason Edwards