Using Space Reclaimer in SnapDrive

If a volume is getting full on one of your servers it is useful to try to use the SnapDrive Space Reclaimer tool before attempting to resize the volume in NetApp System Manager as this affects the DR Filer and SnapMirror. To run the Space Reclamation tool on your server please follow the below instructions:

  1. RDP onto your server and Click on Start->All Programs->NetApp->Snap Drive.
  2. Click Continue if UAC asks for permission to run SnapDrive.
  3. When SnapDrive Loads expand the tree and left click on Disks then wait for them to appear.
  4. Left click on the disks container then right click on the disk you want to reclaim space from and click on “Start Space Reclaimer”.
  5. Sometimes Space Reclaimer cannot reclaim any space. If so it will display a message telling you it can free any space. You can continue with the operation but no space will be reclaimed.
  6. If all goes well the confirmation screen will tell you how much it can free.
  7. Clicking OK will allow the process to begin.

Jason Edwards