Google Chrome Offline Multiuser Installer

As a system admin I need to control the installation of files on my network. Be that by firewall rules, proxy settings or administrative privileges. The problem with Google Chrome is that the installer is a web installer. Meaning that it downloads a small file, then when you run it the installer goes off and downloads the full installer in the background. If you are trying to run it on a machine behind a firewall/proxy this is impossible. Luckily there is the “alternative installer” for Chrome. This is a Google Chrome Offline Multiuser Installer┬áthat will install Chrome on your machine. The issue there is that it will only install it for the currently logged on user, if you want multiple users to use it then you have to install it multiple times. Luckily all is not lost, if you are looking for the offline multiuser installer for Google Chrome you can get it here. Just visit the link and click on “Alternate Installer for all user accounts”.

Jason Edwards