Enable the Google Chrome Downloads Bar

Recently I noticed that my Chrome Downloads bar had disappeared. This made things really inconvenient when I came to try and open something I’d downloaded. I would be automatically drawn to the bottom of the screen and nothing would be there. To get to my downloads I was having to click on the Wrench symbol and click on Downloads, or press Ctrl+J to show the downloads tab. I figured that removing Chrome and reinstalling it would resolve the issue but I didn’t want to reconfigure everything the way I like it. Luckily I was looking through¬†chrome://flags¬†and discovered a Flag entitled “New Downloads UI”. If you disable this and restart chrome next time you download something the downloads bar will appear. Just enable it again if you want to disable the bar permanently.

new downloads ui

New Downloads UI

Jason Edwards

  • No, it doesn’t, sorry to say. Maybe in the older version, but my bar disappeared and there is NO New Downloads UI option available. There is no wrench either.

    • I believe in newer versions it only appears when something is actually downloading/downloaded then disappears after it has been opened/cleared. The wrench has been replaced with a button containing three horizontal dashes, you will find the menu link to the downloads screen in the subsequent menu.