How to check mailbox size in OWA 2010

Difficulty: Easy.

If you want to check mailbox size in OWA 2010 you can do this quite easily.

  • First open a browser window and navigate to your OWA URL; e.g. http://mail.example.com/owa and login.
  • When you are logged in, hover over your name in the left hand pane and a popup/tool-tip should appear which will show you your mailbox size and any quota you may have applied to your account.
How to check mailbox size in OWA 2010 mailbox size popup

The pop-up you get when you hover over your name in OWA.


Not getting the popup for some reason?

  • If when you log in it looks like the image below then you are using the “light” version of the Outlook Web Application. You can’t see your mailbox size in the “light” version.
What OWA Light looks like

This is OWA Light, you can’t find out your mailbox size using OWA Light.

  •  To do so you must log out of OWA and untick “Use the light version of Outlook Web App” before logging in as in the picture below:
The OWA Light tick box at logon.

Untick the OWA Light tick box at logon to use the full version of OWA.

  • If you are unable to untick this box this may mean that you either need to turn on cookies in your browser or upgrade your browser by either using it’s built in upgrade option or install an alternative browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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Jason Edwards