Best free tool to clean up a computer

In this post I introduce the best free tool to clean up a computer.

My favourite tool to clean up a computer has to be CCleaner. It is a powerful piece of software which I have used since it was released in 2003. It has changed alot since then but it is still at least in my opinion at the top of the list when it comes to speeding up and cleaning up a PC.

Title area of CCleaner screen.

Title area of CCleaner screen.

CCleaner is a small program developed by a company called Piriform. CCleaner’s main function is to clean unwanted items from a computer, either from the registry, files created by a host of popular programs or from a plethora of other places. I mainly use it for turning off unwanted startup entries to speed up the time it takes a computer to startup and to uninstall programs I don’t need, in order to save hard disk space.

Example screen in CCleaner.

Example screen in CCleaner.

If before using the tool to turn off specific startup entries you want to find out about what they are you can get this information from the very useful SysInfo website, just paste the name of the entry into the search box.

If you would like a CCleaner tutorial check out the really useful, detailed documentation on the CCleaner Website, especially the section entitled Using CCleaner.

CCleaner - System Optimization

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Jason Edwards