Resetting the Ipod Touch 3rd/4th Gen

Recently I’ve had trouble with my Ipod Touch. It just wasn’t turning on.I tried for days to get it working again. Tried charging it up for hours and everything. In the end I came across this post by Puppet950. I have refined his method to:

  1. Connect your Ipod Touch to your pc.
  2. Load up Itunes.
  3. Hold down the menu button then hold down the power button.
  4. Itunes will alert you to your Ipod needing a restore.
  5. Allow Itunes to restore your Ipod.

If you have a backup of your Ipod from an earlier time you are able to restore your Ipod to your backup and save everything. Although if you are like me and never made one, Itunes will proceed to restore you Ipod to factory settings, thus removing everything from it and Synching fresh.

This method definately works as I used it earlier on today to restore my Ipod and get it functioning beautifully again. Shame about losing all the apps that I had, but its better then having an Ipod that doesn’t work.

Let me know what you think and whether you’ve tried this yourself in the comments.

Jason Edwards