Lock your MacBook without closing the lid

Do you ever need to leave your MacBook running and wish that you could lock it like you would a Windows PC Ala Windows Key + L? Now you could use the hot corners/screensaver approach but lets face it, that’s tedious especially if you knock the hot corner by mistake. You could use FastLogout but that brings with it the added disadvantage that you lose anything you were working on at the time although it does protect your machine from third parties. My solution (and that of many other people) is to use the Key Chain method. Where my solution differs from others is in its execution. I’m going to illustrate my solution with pictures for each step.

First you need to Open the Applications menu. I do this from the Dock:

The click the utilities folder:

Choose and open Key Chain Access:

When Key Chain Access has loaded click on its name in the menu bar and choose preferences:

In the preferences make sure the general tab is selected and click on “Show status in menu bar”

This will make the lock appear in the menu bar:

Right click on the lock and from the context menu select “Lock Screen”

and presto the screen is locked. Move the mouse cursor or type on the keyboard and you are prompted with the logon prompt. Type in your password to continue exactly where you left off.

Any more interesting ways in which to lock or temporarily disable your MacBook? Let us know in the comments.

Jason Edwards