Bear Mountain – The Concept.

You are on holiday and have decided to take in the amazing views of the kingdom of ages by picnicking on Bear Mountain. You have just set-up your picnic gear when all of a sudden you hear a distant rumble that appears to originate from below you and then the ground begins to shake violently. You hear a loud boom from above and look up in time to see that the top of the mountain is crumbling away. A huge lava flow erupts from the new hole left by the earthquake and leaves destruction in its wake. You now realise that what you thought was a mountain is now in fact a very active volcano. You leave your picnic things where they are and rush to the path to leave the area, only to find that the path is blocked by the lava flow. You look around wildly for a few seconds and discover an overgrown mountain trail partially hidden by foliage leading precariously down one side of the mountain. You hesitate. Do you wait here in the hope you will be safe, or race down the steep pass and hopefully reach the valley below before the boulders and lava engulf you? As you ponder this, you hear a loud crack from above and see a huge outcrop of rock give way and start to hurtle towards the clearing where you stand. You throw yourself into the mouth of the pass just in time to see the landslide smash into the ground obliterating where you stood just seconds before.

We join our hero just as he arrives in the pass…

This is the current introduction for a game I am working on the concept for called Bear Mountain. Other then some more content in my initial documentation this is all I have. I came up with it this morning and intend to flesh it out in a major way over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates.

Jason Edwards