The tools you use can have a negative affect on productivity

There has been a lot of debate recently on other productivity sites that the tools you use, can greatly affect your ability to do work. This is a notion I agree with but in the opposite sense and I will tell you why.

I believe this approach it is a form of procrastination. If you are anything like me then you could find yourself spending almost all your available time trying to pick that perfect pen, that perfect notebook, the best configuration of your desk elements. You could even find yourself wasting time testing pieces of software for lets say a project management app that you fall behind on what you were actually supposed to be doing. Sometimes its just better to sit down with a pen/pencil and some paper and just brainstorm your ideas. This way you will actually have something down and you will be focused enough to actually make some progress. Too many times I’ve experienced friends and collegues and even myself focusing only on the information capture process that they actually don’t get anything on paper and eventually push aside the idea due to the distraction of finding a mechanism to express the idea. At least if you get it on paper then you actually have something to put into what ever system you finally choose to use, which evidently makes the system useful. It’s all very well having a great system for capturing information, but its not useful if you spend all your time tinkering with it’s configuration instead of populating it, because it’s main purpose is for getting those ideas out of your head.

Jason Edwards

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