In the morning when he woke up
He open his eyes and looked skyward
Trying to picture her
Looking down from the heavens and smiling

He wondered when he would join her
Had he been soo bad in this life
That he would have to wait
Forever and a day to be with her?

He suspected evil was at work
Soo made his way slowly down the stairs
Tears lining his eyes
He brushed them away

He dried his eyes on the table cloth
And took a breath or two
He sat wondering sternly in the dark
Pain starting to win through

Someone came in,
And he sat blinking blindly in the light
The knife dropped noisely to the floor
The last sound he’d ever hear in this life
But at least he’d be with her now

He said his last goodbye, and tuned in to his beliefs
With love soo strong it tears his heart to sleep
And at sometime before eleven
He held his breath and went to heaven

Jason Edwards