Poetry and motivation

I’d like to talk a bit today about my love for poetry and motivation to write it. I’ve been writing poetry for years. How many years you ask? At least as far back as primary school (I’m 24 now). I read a poetry book one day in school and was astounded that such a thing existed, this lead to a broad investigation into what it was. Once I’d learnt what it was I had an insatiable passion to write my own. These years were some of my most prevalent in terms of ouput, surpassed only by my teenage years.

In recent years I rarely write them and still revere my younger self and his ability to output so much. I believe I stopped due to a variety of factors such as getting into a very stable long term relationship, having a child, getting my degree and gaining employment. This changed me, made me inherently more stable and busy, leaving no time nor need to express my feelings in the same way.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I should do with all my work as it has very rarely seen the light of day. I’ve also been trying to motivate myself to write more. But I only seem to write one or two new pieces before setting it aside for many months at a time. This drought of writing seems to coincide with a profound lack of reading for pleasure. Today after seeing people posting their pieces in reddit/r/writing I’ve become motivated to share my work with a wider audience. This has formed into a plan to curate my work and post it onto the internet.

The problem with this blog is that I’ve only been using it to post technical posts and I have been wrestling with thought that maybe my poems don’t belong here. However the blog is called Thoughts so this has led me to believe that anything can be posted here, especially something which encourages individual thought and I do have several posts which aren’t IT related. Therefore I have decided to use this blog as an archive and a way to showcase my work to whomever is interested in it. I’ve also decided to post some of them to Reddit in order to gauge opinion. I’m undecided at present whether I intend to post my existing poems to Reddit or ones I will write in the future. This is something I need more time to think about.

Jason Edwards