Translucency becomes pain
Like a footnote of afterthought
Just as if sensibility lost
Dependant on oxygen you remind us
Of the reverent times behind us

Ostensibly you foretold our coming
And tried to warn the masses
But maybe you were too illegible?
Like a scourge we diminish the land
Leaving nothing but the unglazed sand

Deniability the best escape clause
Is slowly unfolded like a map
Our audacious insensitivity is impressed
And now our jealously is aeons lost
Bringing loss of life at greater cost

And now as we enter the sepulchre
And dysentery slowly destroys our culture
Perhaps we’ll pause to stop and stare?
Or act as if it wasn’t there?

But what will be come of our free will?
Will it flow in every drop of blood we spill?
Or will it lie face down where it once stood
And drown in life’s unfaithful blood?

Jason Edwards