Building a budget gaming PC

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Building a budget gaming PC

I’ve been mulling over a gaming PC for some time now. Recently I started getting back into gaming but I realised that my PC stopped being able to play any of the latest games a long time ago.

The number one issue for me is budget. It’s hard running a household and having a family trying to justify spending £100’s on a gaming PC where there are other things that money could be better spent on. I’ve spend a lot of time over the past week running through various component iterations with a preference to an i5 4690k. Until today when a friend of mine pointed me towards a G3258 CPU which brings the price down by two thirds and can be replaced with the latest gen 5 i7 chip when the time comes.

I used PC Part Picker to put the machine together and I highly recommend you use this as it checks the compatibility of all your components as you build the list and tells you if there are any issues with your build. It also adds up the total power usage of each component so you get a good picture of the PSU you need to buy.

Here is the link to the list detailing the PC build I’m thinking of building:


At the time of writing this article all the parts on Amazon come to a total of £442.46 with free super saver delivery which is an amazing price for a machine containing an SSD and a high end GPU. It’s Micro ATX as well which means it’ll take up less space by my desk.

I full intend to upgrade components but I have a solid foundation in the motherboard which means I can change out the GPU and CPU for more beefier alternatives as the price goes down and keep this PC going for a good few years.

Let me know if you are building anything at the moment I’d be interested to hear. I’ll put a post up if I decide to buy and build this PC and let you know how it went and how well it runs.

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Can you improve on any of the tips I’ve discussed here? If you can let me know in the comments.

Jason Edwards