New site design


Just a quick update tonight. In light of feedback I have received about my site design. I decided this evening to refresh this blog with a new site design¬†and layout. ¬†Let me know what you think in the comments below… Continue Reading


Markdown Cheat Sheet

I’ve created a Markdown Cheat Sheet as the one’s I could find didn’t seem up to the task. I’ve created a page for it in Resources->Markdown Cheat Sheet or you can download it in PDF and PNG.


First impressions with Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is a free front-end frame work consisting of CSS, HTML and JavaScript components for creating websites and web applications. It is used by a hell of a lot of companies. The intention behind it is to allow you to create websites quickly and easily by focusing more on the functionality/logic required instead of getting bogged down by design. This enables you to develop sites quickly and is used to prototype designs i.e. throw up a website quickly and allow people to interact with it. Continue Reading


Useful Web Design Resources

Useful web design resources I have found this week: 29 helpful YouTube tutorials on web design techniques [dzineblog.com] Very useful for videos explaining how to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver and CSS when creating websites. Simple Grid [This is Dallas] Useful Grid… Continue Reading