Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Jason Edwards and welcome to my blog. I am a Linux System Administrator, Developer and amateur writer who has a profound passion for technology and software of all kinds. I am constantly tweaking and building things especially if something I want doesn’t already exist.

Why did I create Thoughts?

This blog was created to share my thoughts with the world, it addresses many different aspects of life but primarily IT Support, technology, software development, writing and various subcategories including Linux System Administration and programming.

My Interests

I enjoy reading technical sites and other blogs on a daily basis. This blog is my way of sharing my knowledge back to the industry that made me who I am today.

Get in touch

I am available  for IT Consultancy, Writing gigs, advice and I am actively looking for guest blogging opportunities.

To get in contact with me please use my contact form.

Pic of blog owner Jason Edwards

A recent picture of me.